22th International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ'24)

ICREPQ'25: from 25 to 27 of June, 2025

You can pay the ICREPQ Registration fee by:

Payment by Credit Card:

Payment by Credit Card is the preferred payment method. Please click "By Credit Card" and fill up the form and follow the instructions to pay by credit card. We accept only the payments in Euros through VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express with CVN (Credit Card Verification Number). If you want to know what is CVN, please click credit-card-verification-number

By credit card

If you have any type of problems please contact with your bank, because sometimes, if you put on the form the apropriate information, probably you have a problem of authentification, that generaly mean that your bank don't give authorization for to make the payment. If you cannot solve the problem, please make a bank transfer.

By credit card

Payment by Bank Transfer:

The Payment by Wire Transfer is the apropriate form of payment if you are unable to pay by credit card. Please ensure that the ICREPQ transfer fees are paid by you as the “sender”; do not select “shared” fees or fees paid by the “beneficiary” or “recipient” in order that EA4EPQ (AEDERMACP) receives the full ICREPQ registration fee amount. We accept only the payments in Euros. Please, fill up the bank tranfer sheet clearly with the name of the author that will be presented the paper in the conference and also the reference of the paper. Please click "By bank tranfer" and follow the instructions for to pay by bank tranfer.

By bank tranfer

Payment by Cash:

The payment by cash is one alternative method for those participants that live in countries with special difficulties for to make the payment by bank transfer or by credit card. Please click "By cash" and follow the instructions for to pay by cash.

By Cash


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