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Renewable Energy & Power Quality Journal, Vol.1, No.12, April 2014



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Comparison of Different Innovative Technical Solutions for Voltage Regulation in Distribution Grids
P. Franz(1), I. Talavera(1), T. Theisen(2), J. Hanson(1)
1. Department Electrical Power Supply with Integration of Renewable Energies. Technische Universität Darmstadt. Deutschland AG
2. RWE Deutschland AG. Department of New Technologies. Essen




A Mixed GA and Tree-Gradient Method for Optimization of Distributed Generation
Max Chianca Pimentel Filho(1), Manoel Firmino de Medeiros Jr.(2), Clóvis Bôsco Mendonça Oliveira (2)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering, UFERSA, Universidade Federal do Semi Árido, Carúbas.  Brasil
2. Department of Electrical Engineering, UFRN, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Natal. Brasil




Implementation of an Optimal Energy Management within Islanded Microgrid
M. Marzband(1), A. Sumper(1,2)
1. Electric Power Grids Area. Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, Barcelona. Spain
2. Centre d’Innovació Tecnològica en Convertidors Estàtics i Accionaments (CITCEA-UPC),
    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona. Spain




Simulation of a small-scale electricity generation system from biomass gasification
V. Depoorter(1), P. Olivella-Rosell(1), A. Sudrià-Andreu(1), Jordi Giral-Guardia(1)  A. Sumper(1,2)
1. Centre d’Innovació Tecnològica en Convertidors Estàtics i Accionaments (CITCEA-UPC),
    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona. Spain
2. Electric Power Grids Area. Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, Barcelona. Spain




Alcohol-diesel fuel blends and their effect in performance and exhaust emissions
M.I. Gregorio Arenas(1), M.D. Redel-Macías(2), A. Ortega(1), F.R. Lara(3), M.P. Dorado(1)
1.-Dep. PhysicalChemistry and Applied Thermodynamics, Ed Leonardo da Vinci, Campus de Rabanales, Córdoba, Spain.
2.- Dep. Rural Engineering, Ed Leonardo da Vinci, Campus de Rabanales, 14071 Cordoba, Spain.
3.- Dep. of Electrical Engineering, Ed Leonardo da Vinci, Campus de Rabanales, Cordoba, Spain




Estimation and Forecast of Wind Power Generation by FTDNN and NARX-net based models for Energy Management Purpose in Smart Grids
A. Di Piazza, M. C. Di Piazza, G. Vitale
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)
Istituto di Studi sui Sistemi Intelligenti per l’Automazione (ISSIA) UOS Palermo. Italy




Wind Tunnel Experiments on Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines with Straight Blades
H. Dumitrescu(1), A. Dumitrache(1), C. L. Popescu(2), M. O. Popescu(2), F. Frunzulică(2), A. Crăciunescu(2)
1. ”Gheorghe Mihoc – Caius Iacob” Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics”
     Romanian Academy, București. România
2. University ”Politehnica” of Bucharest, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, București. România




Comparison of Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm with other Algorithms used for Tracking of Maximum Power Point of Photovoltaic Arrays
B. Babar,  A. Crăciunescu
Faculty of Electrical Engineering. University „Politehnica” of Bucharest. România




Small Hydro Plant Developments
Dr. Péter Kádár
Óbuda University. Dept. of Power Systems. Budapest. Hungary




Application of Different Indices of Performance Evaluation of Forecast for Wind Speeds
J. C.P. Dominguez(1), F. D. L. Silva(2), P. C. M. Carvalho(2)
1.  Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros (ETSI). Universidad de Sevilla. Sevilla. Spain
2. Department of Electrical Engineering. Federal University of Ceará. Fortaleza (Brasil)



Ageing of Electric Vehicle Battery considering Mobility Needs for Urban Areas
Maurici Yagües-Gomà(1), Pol Olivella-Rosell(1), Roberto Villafafila-Robles(1), Andreas Sumper(1,2)
1. Centre d'Innovació Tecnològica en Convertidors Estàtics i Accionaments (CITCEA-UPC),
    Departament d'Enginyeria Elèctrica, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech. EU d'Enginyeria
    Tècnica Industrial de Barcelona. Spain
2. IREC Catalonia Institute for Energy Research. Spain




Design of Fast Real Time Controller for the SSSC Based on Takagi Sugeno (TS) Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Control System
Mohammed Y. Suliman(1), M. E. Farrag(2),  Sinan Bash(1)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering,University of Mosul. Iraq
2. School of Engineering & Built Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University. United Kingdom


State and Space Vectors - Complementary Description of the 2-level VSI
J. Iwaszkiewicz, L. Wolski
The Electrotechnical Institute, Gdansk Branch. Gdansk . Poland

CIGRE/CIRED JWG C4.112 - Power Quality Monitoring
M.H.J. Bollen(1), J.V. Milanović(2), N. Cukalevski(3)
1. Luleå University of Technology. Electric Power Engineering, Skellefteå, Sweden
2. University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
3. Mihailo Pupin Institute, Serbia
Smart distribution applications - some contributions to P1854
S. Bahramirad(1), M.H.J. Bollen(2), A. Khodaei(1)
1. ComEd, Chicago, USA
2. Luleå University of Technology, Electric Power Engineering, Skellefteå Sweden
3. University of Denver, USA


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