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Puerto Banus, Mijas and Puerto Marina

Puerto Banus is located just west of Marbella, before you reach the small town of San Pedro de Alcantara and is the meeting-point of the jet-set in Marbella, here you'll find the most beautiful yacht, the most elegant shops and the best restaurants. The shiningly white buildings make a fine contrast with the dark blue sea- a pleasure for the ayes. This is the place to be pampered yacht side and ogle those fabulous luxury yachts while sipping a drink at one of the many open air restaurants and bars. The setting is close to ideal, with its impressive mountain backdrop and ocean views.

Nightlife buzzes at Puerto Banus with your choice of alfresco bars, piano clubs and discos while during the day this is a window shopper's dream with several of world renowned fashions houses featured here, in addition to small, interesting shops and boutiques.

Mijas. This was a fortress town created by the Romans, 425m above the sea level and dominating the coast from its privileged position on the top of Sierra de Mijas. Behind the village is the Mendoza peak rising up 1150 m. There are a lot of restaurants, bars and craft shops, a tiny bullring a bullfight museum, horse & carriage rides and 'burro taxi' (donkey). You can visit the 'Ermita del Puerto' a little church on the mountainside above the town.


Puerto Marina, the port of Benalmadena which is at the extreme eastern end of the town, bordering on Torremolinos, has been described as 'the best marine'. While this is a disputable claim it certainly is modern, attractive, unrivalled ambience. There are over 1000 berth points and 200 restaurants plus a new shopping centre. The architecture has Andalusia and Indian influences. Many annual activities take place here as well including the international fishing tournaments.